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Josephine Ong, Skinfrostings.com
DocLab Face Ampoule has a smooth formulation, non greasy after application, absorbs quickly into the skin. What made me fell in love with it is that it doesna��t irritate my sensitive skin, doesna��t feel heavy on skin, doesna��t clogged pores, brightens my dull skin like Ii??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??ve just used some sort of exfoliator, acne seemed to heal nicely and less red and my dehydrated skin felt so nourished, hydrated without using any heavy moisturisers/creams! Ia��m so impressed with these ampoules which is why Ia��m so excited to share with you as I know some of you out there have been suffering from flaky, ashy skin. DocLab Face Ampoule is suitable for all skin types especially dry and dehydrated skin.http://www.skinfrostings.com/doclab-face-ampoule/

Bella, bellabae.net
I find that my skin isA�extra hydrated when I use thisA�so although iti??i??i??s an extra step, myA�skin feels extra niceA�too haha. My face somehow looks moreA�restedA�andA�glowyA�the next morning. This ampoule has beenA�making my dry skin really happyA�especially as a prep in the AM before makeup. I definitely feel the difference whenever I use this becauseA�it gives a healthy boost to my skin.A�Nothing feels better than hydrated supple skin let me tell you that.http://bellabae.net/2015/10/07/review-doclab-korea-face-ampoules/

Amelie Yap, www.immateapot.com
I really love this Face Ampoule as I always prefer skincare products which is fragrance-free and colourless. Besides, surprisingly the essence penetrates rapidly into my skin, leaving my skin oil-free and stickiness-free! It’s like your own skin, supple and glowly, without any layer topping on it. So lightweight and the feeling is superb! It’s great to restore instant hydration to the skin, especially before applying makeup, it keeps the makeup lasting and glow naturally.A�http://www.immateapot.com/2015/10/face-ampoule-by-doclab-x-giveaway.html

Face Ampule_penmyblog-11
Shivani, www.pen-my-blog.com
My skin was peeling the previous day before trying it out and once it was applied, I noticed the formulation absorbed very quickly into the skin without a hint of stickiness left as residue.The very next day, the skin was left supple and smooth and in terms of dryness and peeling, all of it was gone.http://www.pen-my-blog.com/2015/10/doclabs-korea-face-ampoules-review.html

I like everything about it from the watery texture,A�lightweight feeling, fast absorption, barely there scent, I just can’t stop talking about it!!! Honestly, I can’t really see the visible effects on me but my sisters keep on telling me how glowing my skin looks every time I’m using it and yes, my makeup stays so much longer than it normally do. My skin also feels deeply moisturize even when I’m exposed to the air conditioner all day long.http://www.mizzayna.com/2015/10/younger-looking-skin-with-doclab-face.html


Overall,A� I would say that this product is good to achieve a healthy looking skin, it is not a product that can remove scars and leaving it flawless but it definitely helps with your skin looking healthy and you feeling good about it.A� And, yes , I would definitely repurchase this!

The texture of the ampoule was quite watery like water (hence no photo from me because it is not so visible) which made me quite skeptical at first. I tried it anyway since ita��s a review and Ii??i??i??m really amazed by the result! So glad I gave it a chance because guess what a�� my skin was exposed in an air conditioned room for 5 days straight but there wasna��t any dry. rough patches as before. Ia��m so gonna bring them along every time I travel!

I woke up the next day, and to my surprise, my skin felt very supple and smooth. Even my flaky skin was all gone! I love how the product absorbs by the skin very well, and does not have a sticky feel after application. Based on how well it works, im currently using it at least once a week to sustain the results for the next 4 weeks. In conclusion, i would recommend this to those who are suffering from dry skin or to those who want to reduce wrinkles too, because it definitely works like a charm *Two Thumbs up*

11377791_1637993346413463_1656595881_nAlia Saiful,A�lespetitepeony.blogspot.my
Is a face ampoule really necessary? To solve a specific skin problem (i.e. dry skin) Yes, to counteract the dehydration problem.

I have been using them five days in a row, at night after applying toner and before using my night cream. The liquid feels very much water like and sinks into the skin very fast,..

masa kita pakai hari pertama, bangun pagi esoknya terkejut muka flawless gile..muka shinning2 & nampak moist & kulit muka rasa lebih anjal walaupon masa tu baru bangun tido dengan rambut tak terurus doclab mampu membuatkan kita tersenyum macam kerang busuk sebab nengokkan hasil nya yang sangat mujarab!

IMG_0598_FotorJenny Ma,A�www.jennyma.net
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12079447_10205310271260510_5945134970930081091_nWyne Koh,A�wynekoh.blogspot.my
After a few days of using the DocLab Face Ampoule, I found out that my face has speedy recovery for the reddish caused by acne wound. This is something amazing to me because normally it takes a few weeks for the reddish on my face to go away. And during this awful moment, I have to use some time to cover it up during makeup. I can feel my face is more hydrated the next day.


Caroline Ng, www.carolinemayling.com


Illy Ariffin,A�www.illyariffin.com




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