Daniel Lim Santoso

A Singer, Rapper, Dancer, Actor, Emcee, Host & a Sportsman. With my kind of work, I don't really have the time to go to the spa or whatsoever to take care of my skin and pamper my skin other than just Facial Wash. That is why I use DocLab ® to help take good care of my skin and to pamper my skin when I'm resting or even at work.

Ivy Ng

I am a personal trainer, also the founder formed of Yogalife through sheer passion of sharing a beautiful journey in health through the practise of yoga. I also believed that being beautiful requires a commitment but not a miracle. By investing ourselves with proper products and leading a healthy lifestyle will gives you beauty from the inside out.

Sia Leh Ling

Flight stewardess. I need to put on make up due to my job requirements. I will definitely choose the best skincare products to keep my face glowing and at the same times slow down the ageing process

Chu Suet Ni

DocLab® Hydro Renewal Ampoule is my current most-loved product, it keeps my skin hydrated, smooth and firm. Now, I can go out without makeup, and happy to show the world my true beauty with confidence.

Sylvia Chong

Slave to my 3 mutts, my love for food and drinks drives me to an active lifestyle and lastly, I am a beauty fanatic!

Evelyn Teh

Life explorer, challenger and also a thinker. Love travelling, health and fitness.

Veness Hui

Cabin Crew. DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoules make me more confident with or without make up. It’s definitely make my skin more rehydrated and moist.

Jazz 白琳

As an artiste, my schedule is hectic and at times require long hours. And in front of the screen, I need to put up heavy makeup. Thanks to DocLab, I have found the solution to an effective, rejuvenating skincare that makes my skin looks more radiant, smoother and less tired. Simply amazing. And affordable too!

Patricia Ho

Make yourself a priority once in awhile.