Research and Development beginning with customers’ needs is essential to make better products. Total Package Design in consideration of a variety treatment technology, production, and distribution! DocLab makes a ‘brand proposal’ with Product Research Institute and Design Research Institute, R&D field by taking a marketing trend into account and accomplishing product planning even in the development stage.

Our Korea Manufacturer For the first time in Korea Establishment of the underground production line. Even by 1°C, and 1mm of light and vibration, the quality of cosmetics can't be changed. Our Korea manufacturer to construct the entire production line underground. By completely sealing off unnecessary light, temperature and dusts through underground production line.

Korea manufacturer installed automated robots, optimized for mass production into 5 parts to obtain the production levels of 10 million products per month, the most in the industry.

All manufacturing processes can be checked by hand-held device. The manufacturing process of the cosmetic product requested by a customer can be checked just as delivery service tracking.

Warehouse which can be tracked with navigation. The warehouse performs arrival/shipment management in real time through Bluetooth barcode scanner and smartphone. Also the position tracking system, using WMS(warehouse management system), is automatically synched with 3 way forklift to approach any product most quickly and accurately.