Benefits of Antioxidant Skin Care
Benefits of Antioxidant Skin Care
October 9, 2018
The Role Of Alcohol In Skin Care
The Role Of Alcohol In Skin Care
November 2, 2018
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Skin And Its Needs

Skin And Its Needs

What Is Skin?

The skin or dermis is the largest organ on the body. It is made up of several different parts, including water, protein, lipids (fats), and different minerals and chemicals. Your skin will change throughout your life, for better or worse. Fun fact, your skin renew itself approximately every 27 days. Knowing that your skin protects you, it's very important to treat your biggest organ properly to maintain the health and vitality of this crucial organ.

How To Keep Your It Healthy?

Make sure you follow and develop these habits below:
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Attentive cleansing, twice a day. At night, make sure you remove all your make-up and cleanse properly before going to bed.
  • Proper and balanced nutrition.
  • Protect your skin from the deadly harmful UV ray.
  • Moisturizing. This is a necessary step even for those who have excessive oil build-ups. There are plenty of moisturizers on the market that are oil-free.

Although Skin Is Pretty Slim But It Has Structure

The epidermis is the outer layer and it is the thinnest layer, but it’s responsible for protecting you from the harsh environment, with 5 layers of its own. Within the epidermis layer, it hosts several types of cells such as keratinocytes, melanocytes and langerhans cells. Dermis is the middle layer. It gives your skin its fullness and plumpness. Age and the sun can damage the dermis and lead to wrinkles. The dermis is a complex combination of blood vessels, hair follicles, and sebaceous (oil) glands. Here, you’ll find collagen and elastin, 2 proteins necessary for skin health because they offer support and elasticity. Hypodermis is the fatty layer. This layer is also known as the subcutis. It hosts sweat glands and fat and collagen cells, and is responsible for conserving your body’s heat and protecting your vital inner organs. Reduction of tissue in this layer contributes to sagging skin.

DocLab Helps You To Attain Healthy & Beautiful Skin

DocLab contains a wonderful goodness called Adenosine. It has anti aging benefits and many more. It gives much needed protein to the skin too. It controls transcription factors to avoid premature differentiation, preserving their ability to produce new skin cells throughout life. As a result, studies have shown the use of Adenosine for skin care can be effective method for providing anti aging benefits and provide vast improvement in the visible signs of aging and skin smoothness.

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