Skin And Its Needs
Skin And Its Needs
October 31, 2018
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November 12, 2018
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The Role Of Alcohol In Skin Care

The Role Of Alcohol In Skin Care

Alcohol In Skin Care And What It Does

Alcohol is most probably the one of most misunderstood ingredients used in most skin care products. Again and again, we have seen the word showed up in the skin care products label, from moisturizers to body washes to cleansers and toners.

No doubt, there are way too many misleading information available online regarding this ingredient in skincare. It is safe to say that the problems in these skin care product came when the manufacturer only use alcohol as their main ingredient in their products.

Bad and Good Alcohol In Skin Care Products

The types of alcohol that you see on the label are important. We always have the concerns about the its presence in the skin care products. For those who want to combat oily skin, you’ll often find ingredients such as isoprpyl or SD alcohol. These ingredients feel light, weightless on skin. Hence, it really to see why people keep on using it.

There are a few things you can take notice and how they can affect you. If you find these words in the label such as glycol, cetyl, stearyl, or cetearyl, it’s best to stay away. There are a few contributing factors on why manufacturers and producers use these ingredients. If your skin is oily, it can be tempting to use alcohol-based products because they provide a fast and immediate effect. The irony of using these products to control oily skin is that the damage from these ingredients such as gylcol, cetyl or stearyl can lead to an increase in bumps and enlarged pores. Remember it can actually increase oiliness, so the immediate effect is eventually counteracted, prompting your oily skin to look even more shiny.

The second group is called fatty alcohol. This second group used in skin care that have completely different properties from those we mentioned above. These ingredients can thicken the products. People have the tendency to like rich and thick creams. They just feel so good on skin. These types of alcohols also act as an emulsifier. It help to mix water with oils to create nice, smooth texture in lotions and creams.

These are typically derived from natural fats and oils, often from coconut and palm oil. They’re found in nature as waxes, so they’re rich in skin-healthy fatty acids. They can also be derived from petroleum sources, though, or made in the laboratory.

Choose Your Products Wisely

We should all stay away from the first set of alcohols that we stated above. These ingredients are drying and damaging your skin.

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